GGC - GNU Gluco Control

Help Us (and your-self)

We can make this software better only with your help. We (developers) all have diabetes so we are trying to make software that we can use, if you give us your ideas and comments we can make this software to fit your needs. If you are developer yourself you can also help in development process. So here are tasks you can do.


We need testers that will regulary test application and determine if there are any bugs that are lurking and to find if some processes could be done better. There are several ways you can report your observations, there are several trackers available, forums and lists.

Support for different platforms

Since application is written in java it should work on all platforms (with installed Java 1.5 or higher), but some of our functionalities require that we change application (library) a little for each different platform. Changes are usually small and require short amount of time, but until we implement it and test it on each platform so long it doesn't work. Our Update/Startup mechanism requires to create startup script for application to be created on-the-fly (in case libraries have changed, or were added), so we need to add this for each platform. If your platform is unsuported (you will get message on start), let us know (me specifically on andy(at) and I will make adjustment in minutes (most of unix-like oses can use Sh script, so we don't need to make big changes).


If you are java developer and are willing to help with development, let us know. You just need to subscribe to sourceforge and you can get full source code from SVN. You will also need to get code for atech-tools (project is also on sourceforge) and you can start. If you wish to contribute your changed code let us know, and we will give you check-in rights.


Translation "protocol" was now revised, so please see Documentation, for more info on how to do translations. There is also Translation Tool now available, which should help with translation considerably (see Projects->Translation Tool)

Add support for your meter (pump)

If you wish to have your hardware/device supported please contact us, and we will send you detailed information on what we need from you.
In short we need following: you need to have original software for your meter/pump, cable or any other interface that device needs for communication with PC. You need to install your software and make it work (you will get detailed instructions in your User Manual). Then you need to install Serial Monitor software ( This is not free software, it's commercial one, but it has trial download. Trial is 14 days, so you have 14 days to retrive data. In your meter software you will probably have several operations available, we need only logs for following (you need to create separate logs for each operation): read data (*1), read data from date to date (*4), clear meter (*3), get meter info(*2). As you can see we tagged operation with * and number. We need at least number 1 (for reading data), but if we want to have full support we will need also all other information. If you plan to do this let us know in forum 'Hardware/Device Support'. After your device is added (process takes some time...) you will also need to test it for us...
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