GGC - GNU Gluco Control


If you need help or you want to contact us, there are different ways. They are in the order you should use (best first).

  1. Mailing lists:

  2. At the moment we have 3 different lists:

    • ggc-user:

    • This is the first place to ask your general questions.

    • ggc-developer:

    • This list is mainly for the developers of the project. Use this if you have a technical question, or want to participate in development.

    • ggc-cvs:

    • This is no "real" list. Every CVS/SVN activity generates mail in this list. Subscribe to it only if you wish to get messages, whenever files are changed or added.

    Here is the link to the mailing list site:

  3. Forums:

  4. We have some forums set up at Sourceforge. Check them:

  5. Trackers:

  6. We have a Bug-Tracker, Support-Tracker, Feature-Request-Tracker and a Patch-Tracker. Use the one that fits best:

  7. Send us a mail:

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