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Packaged software

This is preffered way of getting software (intended for all end users). In short you need to download package and install it. This is easier done on Windows platform, since we have installer, and little harder for all other platforms. There are detailed instructions in instalation package (see \docs folder, files Readme_1st and Readme, this 2 files are translated into german and slovene (as is application)).

In each release there are 4 files:
  • GGC_Setup_<Version Number>_jre.exe - This is Windows installer with Java. You should use this install file if you have no knowledge about Java. It contains JRE, so the file is much bigger, but you can just install it, out-of-the-box, without any special intervention (advised for most end-users).. [This is recomended option for Windows Users]
  • GGC_Setup_<Version Number>.exe - This is windows installer without Java. Download this if you have Java already on computer and your knowledge of computers is above average (you might need to configure java to run with application).
  • GGC_<Version Number>.zip - (Full) Zip file containing all the files. This is for all other platforms. You just extract it and then follow by reading Readme_1st to get it running. (in short you need to enter bin folder and run "run_ " file, platform is either win, linux, mac or freebsd).
  • GGC_Upgrade_<Version Number>.zip - Upgrade Zip file. If you have installed previous version of GGC (version 0.3.1 and above) and already have data stored in it, this is the file you need to use. Read document 'How_To_Upgrade.txt' in zip file. (This file should be used only by users who know basic of O.S. they are using. Please make backup first before you attempt any update.
    NOTE: If you are not sure if you can do upgrade, you can do following: backup all data (Tools -> Database maintenance -> Backup) from previous version, install new version and then do restore (Tools -> Database maintenance -> Restore) of data.

GGC Releases

Version 0.7.0 [June 2016 (Windows inst. added on September 2016)]

Version 0.6.1 [October 2015]

Version 0.6.0 [August 2015]

Version [May 2014] (fixed release September 2014)

Version 0.4 Updates

  • GGC Update - This is minor fix, for configuration (there was problem with setting BG unit, which might be problematic for new users). Old users don't need to install this (unless they want to change BG Unit).
  • GGC 0.4.10 Update - This update makes changes to main application (application mode), and some bug fixes on all parts. Most changes were done on Pump Tool (added devices, changes made to manual adding).
  • GGC 0.4.3 Update - This update makes changes to HbA1c Dialog, Printing system and Startup system, also there has been change to Nutrition part (we now have dynamic loading of data, so startup is faster).

Version 0.4

Version 0.3.1

  • Update 0.3.1 - This update is needed if you plan to update your GGC from version 0.3. If you don't have any data in 0.3, it would be wiser to uninstall 0.3 and install one of higher versions.

Version 0.3

USB Releases

GGC USB Version

  • USB Releases are the same as full releases. Download any of them, and extract them from zip file, then download one of GVM releases (for version 0.4 and higher) or VM releases (for version 0.3). /li>

USB GVMs (from 0.4 up) - Full

USB GVMs (from 0.4 up) - Lite

USB VMs (this were used for 0.3 version only)

Other files

USDA Nutrition Database

  • USDA Nutrition Database 18 - Our software supports any of USDA databases, but since we are using some of data here imported (Home Weights), we are still little bit dependant. If you will start with your own User database, you should install newer version, but for some of here supplied User Databases, you will need specific versions. We will remove this dependency in the future, but for now our "Supported" version is still 18.

Custom Nutrition Databases

  • Slovenian Nutrition Database 1 - This is nutrition database for people living in Slovenia and speaking Slovenian. All instructions and notes are inside zip archive. Required USDA SR-18. Contains database from diabetes software Kocka.
  • Slovenian Nutrition Database 2 - This is nutrition database for people living in Slovenia and speaking Slovenian. All instructions and notes are inside zip archive. Required USDA SR-18. Contains databases from 2 different Slovenian programs: Kocka and Daciofit

Build from source

If you are Java developer, you will probably try to build whole thing from source code. All our current code is in SVN (we used CVS few years back). If you are not ready for a challenge, then try to download packaged software release. There will be pause between releases (6 months or more for major releases, minor releases will be released, when needed changes are done).
  • SVN:

  • SVN system is current versioning system. You neeed to pull down whole tree. When builing with ANT, compiled files will be stored into ggc-support\bin folder from where you can directly run it.
    Here is the link to the Sourceforge SVN Page:

    For details on how to check out sources see the Sourceforge SVN page.

  • CVS:

  • CVS system was deprecated (there are still old file there) when Sourceforge installed SVN, which is now the way to get sources.

Link to sourceforge files download area
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